Thursday, August 14, 2014

Belize: British Tourist Raped in Caye Caulker Village, Rapist Granted Bail

According to, early Saturday morning (August 9) at approximately 0550 hours a British female tourist reported that she had just been raped in Caye Caulker Village. 

She said that on Saturday around midnight, she and six other tourists disembarked from a skiff driven by a tour guide firm, Captain Pops, the driver of whom was later identified as Jaime Rosado, age unknown.

The skiff was transporting the group from a private island near Caye Caulker where they had had a party with alcoholic beverages. 

An hour later they arrived in San Pedro, but while five of her friends left the boat area, she began to feel ill and remained in the company of Jaime Rosado and one of the male tourists who proceeded to pass out.

COMMENT: Shortly after the the man in her party passed out, Jaime Rosado forced himself  upon the female victim, resulting in her being scratched and significantly bruised as she attempted to repel Rosado's advances, ultimately to no avail.
  The rape victim, after being attacked, also complained of lower abdomen pain. She was then rushed to Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where it was confirmed that she had been forcibly raped. 

The skiff was processed and photographed as a crime scene and on Sunday (August 10) Jaime Rosado was arrested and charged for rape. 

The following day (Monday, August 11), Rosado was brought to the Belize City Magistrate court where he was arraigned for forcible rape and and granted bail. 

This report will be updated as new information becomes available.