Saturday, August 2, 2014

Cayman Islands: Update--Empty Your Carry-On, Checked Bags for Ammo Before Packing

Generally speaking, I usually use our Tip of the Day section for tips that apply to just about everyone, yet, today, I'm afraid I've got to make an exception.

According to, a North Carolina woman was fined US$750 on Thursday (July 31) after admitting to being in possession of one .22 cal. unlicensed firearm round. 

COMMENT: Admittedly, transporting any live ammunition in the context of airline security is very serious business. 

What those who don't live in the US may not realize is that in all 50 states "concealed-carry" is permitted, which is why US residents need to be particularly cautious with live ammunition which is NOT commonplace abroad.

Therefore, I suggest that all US travelers EMPTY COMPLETELY both their checked and carry-on bags they plan to use abroad.

Being a former Federal Firearms Dealer I would also suggest that US travelers ALWAYS carry live ammunition in "zip-lock" bags when traveling so as to avoid the opportunity of explosive detection dogs detecting a false-positive "trace" of gun residue.  

In June 2014, another US citizen was searched and found to contain 50 rounds of 9mm ammunition. The man, who had come to Cayman on honeymoon, was fined $3,000.

Of course, I could ask why a honeymooner needs live ammunition on their wedding night, but perhaps I shouldn't ask such a personal question.