Sunday, August 31, 2014

Colombia: Argentine Couple Resists Armed Robbery on San Andrés Island

According to The Buenos Aires Herald, an Argentine tourist was shot while resisting an armed robbery on the Colombian island of San Andrés where he was spending his holiday, along with his pregnant wife, who was five-months-pregnant. 

Luciano Narcisi was injured in the stomach and arm.

The incident took place on Thursday afternoon (August 28), but was made public only today (August 31).
COMMENT: As I have said so often in the past, I strongly discourage armed robbery victims in resisting, considering that the victim's wife could easily have been seriously injured.
“In the central area of San Andrés, the couple was about to take a bus to return to their hotel when a masked man on a motorcycle approached them,” Argentina’s consul to Bogotá, Sebastián Coronel said. 
According to Coronel, the assailant first targeted the woman in attempting to steal her belongings. Narcisi then attempted to intercede on his wife's behalf. Unfortunately, in the scuffle, Luciano received two gunshots. He was transferred to a nearby hospital where his injuries mandated that he undergo surgery.
The consul explained that medical authorities said that Luciano “out of danger and stabilized” by Saturday (August 30).
Coronel confirmed to Luciano’s father, Gabriel Narcisi, who was arriving in Bogotá, where he will be assisted by Argentine authorities to arrange a transfer to either a Bogotá hospital or to Buenos Aires, depending on  Luciano's medical condition.
Luciano’s wife, the diplomat added, said that mother and baby were "fine," although the wife fell during the robbery attempt and suffered only minor  injuries.