Monday, August 18, 2014

Cyprus: Four Assailants Arrested for Six Days Pending Investigation

According to The Cyprus Mail, two assailants, 20 and 29, were remanded for six days by the Famagusta District Court on Sunday (August 17) after a 23-year old female tourist from Norway reported that the men had sexually assaulted her.

According to police, the 23-year old reported on Sunday that she was sexually assaulted on Saturday night (August 16) by five individuals that were staying in the same apartment complex as had been.

COMMENT: Having lived in Cyprus for a number of years both in the 1970s and 1990s on assignment with the US Embassy, it is my impression that the Cyprus Police Force is not as enlightened as they should be in the new millennium.

For a state pathologist to "characterize that a victim has recently engaged in sexual activity," rather than carefully listening to the victim describe what amounted to as "sexual assault or rape" by two assailants suggests that the pathologist does not particularly have keen listening skills.

The police subsequently arrested four young men staying in a room at the apartment complex; two of them admitted to having sex with the 23-year old, but maintained that there association was consensual.

Having written this daily blog since 2009,  I should emphasize that during May 8, 2012 and August 18, 2014, NINE reported incidents of  rape occurred in a country of 1.12 million.

If Cypriot police don't believe either the rape victim or the assailants, they should invite them to participate in a polygraph examination. While inadmissible in most global courts, the polygraph, from my own experience, is particularly effective in corroborating who is lying and who isn't.