Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Cyprus: Villa in Peyia Results in Property, Cash Loss Amounting to $25,189

According to The Cyprus Mail, electronics, cash, credit cards, jewelry and four British passports were stolen from a rented villa in Peyia, a small town of 10,000 just north of Paphos. 

According to police, a visitor from Britain complained that thieves had entered while the house was vacant and stole four credit cards; the sum of £1,040 (US$1,723); €1,400 (US$1,847); three iPads worth £950 (US$1,574); jewelry worth £3,095 (US$5,129); a Rolex watch worth £9,000 (US$14,916), and a UK driving license for a grand total of US$25,189.
Police officers from Peyia went to the scene of the larceny and determined that the perpetrators had entered through an unsecured window.
The villa has an alarm system, but police determined that was not activated. The police collected physical evidence in an effort to identify the perpetrators.
Peyia Mayor Neophytos Akoursiotis told the Cyprus News Agency, that the area has been targeted regularly in recent months and he said he had asked police to step up patrols.

COMMENT: Leaving such a large amount of cash and valuables in an unlocked and unsecured villa can only be described as negligent and careless.

The Britons might well have benefited from staying at a handful of four-and-five star hotels in the Paphos area, all of which have two-key safe deposit boxes readily available. 

As I have said so often in the past, in this day and age with ATMs and cash machines being virtually everywhere, there is simply no reason to be carrying so many high-end valuables.

Another option for the British visitors was to have purchased international insurance for their electronics through and left the Rolex at home where it would have safeguarded.

I should also mention that possessing such a massive amount of cash and valuables at a time when larceny and burglary are on the rise in Paphos can only be described as presumptuous.

It is unknown whether the alarm enunciator was silent or audible, yet its usage might very well have thwarted the theft from an unsecured residence.

The municipality also sent a letter to the Minister of Justice requesting that he personally intervene, as frequent burglaries and thefts are damaging the image of Peyia and Coral Bay as tourist destinations.

Paphos is a city on the island's southwestern coast. It lies 50 kilometers (31 miles) from Limassol, which is also known as a center for local criminals. 

Paphos International Airport is the second largest on the island, owing to its being a magnet for tourists and apparently "easy money."