Tuesday, August 12, 2014

El Salvador: Ending of Lives Seemingly Appears to Be in the National DNA

According to The Latin American Tribune, two amateur soccer players were killed when armed gunmen attacked the bus on which they were riding in eastern El Salvador, authorities said Monday (August 11).

One of the players, Dany Flores, died on the scene and the other, Irving Caceres, died of his wounds at the local hospital to which he was taken, while the rest of the 20-25 occupants of the vehicle--including a number of other soccer players--were uninjured.

The incident occurred on Sunday (August 10) on the highway linking the towns of Conchagua and La Union, in the eastern province of La Union.

COMMENT: Tragically, El Salvador has a homicide rate of 41.2 per 100,000 population compared to a global mean homicide rate of fewer than ten per 100,000 population.

This is also a good opportunity to urge foreign nationals in particular to AVOID the choice of cheaper transportation as a cost-cutting measure as both urban and rural buses throughout El Salvador are often a "first-choice" in order to pick up easy "traveling money."

If road banditry is not a sufficient reason to select a safer mode of transportation, consider the following:

-- Driver fatigue: Many drivers work several different jobs resulting in a an average work-day of twelve to eighteen hours

-- Vehicle maintenance: The majority of vehicle owners almost invariably view profitability as more important than vehicular safety; and

-- Fatalism: Many Latins subscribe to the fatalistic premise that the time of our death is pre-ordained, which eliminates caution and avoidance from the equation.

The soccer players on board the bus were returning to La Union when several masked men opened fire on the vehicle in a possible attempt to stop it and rob the passengers or worse, police said.