Tuesday, August 19, 2014

France: Gunmen Attack Saudi Diplomatic Convoy, Steal $335,000, "Sensitive" Documents

According to The Latin American Tribunegunmen armed with AK-47s attack a Saudi diplomatic convoy in Paris, stealing around $335,000 and “sensitive” documents, media reported on Monday (August 18). 

The incident took place Sunday night (August 17) when a gang of eight gunmen traveling in two BMWs forced the convoy of a Saudi prince to stop in downtown Paris when it was on its way from the George V hotel near the Champs Elysees to Le Bourget airport, north of the French capital. 

COMMENT: Europe 1 radio and THE PARISIEN said the heavily armed force made off with a Mercedes with the money inside without...firing a shot and no injuries. 

French authorities have launched an investigation into the attack, which has yet to produce any arrests.