Tuesday, August 19, 2014

France: Shanghai Tourist, 44, Targeted by Criminal Outside of Paris Hotel

According to http://www.ecns.cn, a Shanghai tourist, Yan Fei, 44, told The Shanghai Daily, how she was "robbed" outside a hotel in Paris last weekend.

COMMENT: Not to squabble over terminology, but I would characterize the victim's loss of her tote bag as a "snatch-and-grab," which shows intent on the part of the successful assailant.

The theft of Yan Fei's tote bag occurred not because she was careless, but because of predators and opportunists who lurk the streets of France.

I haven't been to France lately, but I doubt very much that the French police distribute multiple copies to tourists in "How NOT to Become a Crime Victim in France," in multiple languages, including Mandarin.  

First of all, Ms. Yan was attempting to collect her luggage at the Kyriad Prestige Hotel when a man rushed her, grabbed her tote bag and instantly fled.

As with most tourists to France, Ms. Yan was ill-prepared for a thief to intentionally converge on her just as she arrived in the country, particularly fighting jet-lag as well.

All tolled, she had several bank cards stolen, US$1,626 in cash, a mobile phone and here identification, which is not easy to replace in China.

Ms. Yan should be advised that France does have a national crime victim compensation program program that is detailed in the below link, which she should be able to have translated back home:


Chinese nationals of means should also consider obtaining international theft insurance through the below link:

http://www.safeware.com; and

Ms. Yan should also file a claim through the China International Travel Service and urge them to provide theft insurance of their valuables while abroad.  Additionally, Chinese travel services should also assist assist their travelers with filing police reports in any countries they are traveling in, otherwise traveling abroad is pointless.