Monday, August 25, 2014

Global Impact: Syria's Foreign Minister Warns Washington to Coordinate Its Actions Inside Syria

According to The Associated Press, while offering to assist any international effort to fight Islamic State (IS) militants, Syria's foreign minister warned the US on Monday (August 25) not to conduct airstrikes against the group inside Syria without Damascus' consent, saying any such attack would be considered an act of aggression.

Walid al-Moallem's words seemed to be orchestrated timed to pre-empt any US military action in Syria. 

President Barack Obama has seemingly resisted ordering US military action in Syria for three years, even after a deadly chemical weapons attack a year ago near Damascus he blamed on President Bashar Assad's government. Yet now, Obama faces considerable pressure from his own Department of Defense to go after IS inside Syria.

Al-Moallem's remarks at a news conference in Damascus also marked the first public comments by a senior Assad official on the threat posed by IS, which has captured roughly one-third of Iraq as well as in Syria.

"Syria is ready to cooperate and coordinate on the regional and international level in the war on terror," al-Moallem said. "But any effort to combat terrorism should be coordinated with the Syrian government." 

COMMENT: Although President Obama undoubtedly perceives himself to have the "gift of gab," it is interesting to point out that his withdrawal from the world stage has not been particularly effective.

If anything, the President's avoidance in communicating with even the Republican Party, has met with unsuccessful results and created global turmoil in Libya, Iran, Iraq, Ukraine, Russia and Syria.

Worse, the continued incarceration of Afghan war veteran Andrew Tamoorressi in a Mexican jail,  most of Latin America "stacking arms against Israel," Alan Gross' continued rotting in a Cuban prison, the Chinese domination of the Amerícas and renewed fighting between Israel and Hamas, etc.

The fact that Hamas' only goal is the destruction of Israel, yet US Secretary of State John Kerry's only solution is a "cease-fire," which is nothing more that "kicking the can down the road."

Al-Moallem appeared keenly aware of how much has changed in the past year as he spoke on Monday. Since then, global disapproval has shifted away from Assad and toward IS and spreading destruction across Syria and Iraq.

There is not much Syria can do, however, if the US does decide to strike.