Monday, August 4, 2014

Honduras: Four Shot, Killed in San Pedro Sula, Workshop on "How to Prevent, Avoid and Respond to an Armed Assassination"

According to The Latin American Tribune, at least four people were killed in a shooting at a Mexican food restaurant in San Pedro Sula [Honduras' second largest city and its most violent], including a business executive who had asked for police protection for him and his family, a police source said.

One of the fatalities was Honduran businessman Gustavo Chinchilla, owner of a shoe company chain, "El Bombazo," who had escaped a previous attempt on his life in March 2007 and had requested protection from Honduran authorities.

COMMENT: I have been considering for some time my conducting a one-day "How to Prevent, Avoid and Respond to an Armed Assassination," to be conducted in Central America with no more than two weeks' notice.

This "hands-on" workshop would give participants all they need to know to survive a dedicated armed attack.

For those readers who are resident in Central America please email me in Spanish or English to express your interest in attending this life-saving program:


The fixed fee cost per person will be based on the number of participants we can interest in this essential program. The larger the number of participants, the lower the cost of individual registration.

If there are multiple participants interested in attending the workshop, group rates will be afforded.

Some ten heavily armed gunmen wearing hoods arrived at the restaurant in several vehicles late Thursday (July 31) and commenced firing in a hail of bullets in Chinchilla’s direction, according to the police.

Three people died in the restaurant, and another in the parking lot.

According to the Security Ministry, violence in Honduras claims an average of 15 lives daily, a figure which human rights organizations elevated to 20.