Monday, August 4, 2014

India: It is Time for the Gov't to Stop "Talking" About Preventing Rape and Actually "Do It!"

According to, India has announced a series of measures designed to ensure the safety of female tourists, in the wake of a series of recent attacks on women in the country.

COMMENT: Over the last 3.5 years, during which the "rape crisis" and violation of Indian and foreign women alike have become a national past-time, does the Indian government even care whether it has become the rape capital of the world?

For those who fail to believe that I've outlined a comprehensive program on how to neutralize India's "rape crisis," albeit piecemeal, my suggestion is that Indian officials ask  every Indian GIRL or WOMAN over the age simple question?

"What violent crime do you fear the most in India?"

If a reputable, independent think tank could be identified, a qualitative-based empirical study funded by the Indian government, should be executed and the results published in all daily newspapers in India in all languages.

I could easily draft 300-500 words recapping the Indian government's abysmal record in reacting to the "rape crisis," but I refuse to do so largely because I have re-capitulated my statements so many time in recent years.

In contrast, as a former university professor and a retired US federal agent at George Washington University's Forensic Science Department, I will simply and concisely re-state what I believe is necessary for the Indian Police Service to reverse this miscarriage of justice:

1. Establish at the elementary school level, both in public and private institutions, a repeated curricula at age 5 and age 12 for both boys and girls that sexual assault, forcible rape, incest and gang-rape, the latter of which has become all too common amongst single and married Indian men who somehow believe that "violating" a woman is an entitlement in becoming a man;

2. The Indian Police Service (IPS), despite dating back to 1948, is poorly characterized, particularly  the third word of its title, which suggests that the term "service" is overly-used; 

If anything the IPS seemingly needs to be observed on the street, where crime is found, rather than attending police ceremonies where criminals cannot be found; and

3. Dramatically increase the number of investigators assigned to each IPS unit so that all sexual offenses can be cleared by an arrest within a 14-day period; and

4. When will the IPS officers involved in the described homicides linked below be arrested?: 

Last year a study by India’s Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry said that international tourist visits to the country had dropped 25% in the three months after the 2012 rape and murder of a woman in Delhi. Subsequently, visits by foreign women declined by 35%.