Friday, August 8, 2014

India: A Useless Explanation from a Gov't Minister Who Believes He Understands Women

According to the UK-based The Telegraph, Goa's embattled public works minister, Sudin Dhavalikar, asked whether the view he expressed earlier this month seemingly remains the same, Goa public works department minister, Sudin Dhavalikar, told reporters: “I have [already] given my intention."

"You can have on private places whatever you want, [bikinis and provocative dress] should be banned in public places."

COMMENT: Goa, situated some 2,000 kilometers (1,243 miles) from the capital of New Delhi, three million tourists annually, of whom nearly 120,000 are Britons of both genders.

I respectfully ask the good minister to contemplate just for a moment whether THE TELEGRAPH would even be devoting newsprint if only a handful of Britons even recognized the name "Goa." Certainty not!

By their very nature, government ministers of all persuasions very often simply can't help themselves: They feel compelled to articulate whatever thoughts seem to be passing through their brains at a given time.

Fortunately, for many government officials worldwide, much of what bureaucrats utter go in one ear and out the other.

Yet, for the prolific public works minister from Goa, he finds it necessary to make global history by commenting on matters that will never be forgotten because his utterances are so absurd from the outset.

If the public works minister contemplated even for a moment why Goa is known worldwide, words would ever pass from his lips.

Indeed, when the minister intuitively suggested that young women who wear bikinis make themselves vulnerable to sexual attacks and went on to say that women should not visit bars dressed in short skirts, he acknowledged just how little he knows about women-kind.

In actuality, sexual crimes occur not because of provocative dress, but because of one person not being able to restrain their physical impulses over another human being.

Consequently, the public works minister saw himself quickly faced with a media backlash, while members of the opposition Congress party sent Dhavalikar a short skirt in protest.

In point of fact, the reason that India has been facing an ever-increasing "rape crisis" in recent years is largely because Indian men predominantly see victimizing girls and women of a lower caste system as nothing more than "brutal entitlement," which is why "gang-rape" occurs with such a high degree of frequency. 

For a message-point in true depravity, see the below link: