Monday, August 11, 2014

Israel/Gaza: Update--"I'm Confused by Israel's Agreement to a Cease-Fire, What Has Changed?"

According to The Latin American Tribune, Israel and the Islamist Hamas movement on Sunday (August 10) officially agreed to a new 72-hour cease-fire proposed by Egypt, which entered into effect at midnight local time.

Israeli government sources said, in a terse communique, that “Israel responded positively to the Egyptian request for a cease-fire of 72 hours.”

Tel Aviv complained that the most recent three-day cease-fire, also proposed by Cairo and agreed to by the warring parties last week, was violated by Hamas before it was due to expire.
Meanwhile, the Islamist movement fighting Israel from the Gaza Strip said that it accepted the new cessation of hostilities despite the fact that leaders of the group had denied those reports earlier in the day.

COMMENT: Israel finds itself in a politically and tenuous quagmire.

Considering that Tel Aviv is so dependent on US foreign assistance, in particular, the Iron Dome program, and the positive optics vis-à-vis the US Congress, the one age category that hasn't bought in to Israel's importance in US foreign policy are the "Millennials":

The downside for the benefit of the entirety of our US readership is that Israeli Jews who only number 6,119,000 people, is the only viable democracy in the Middle East.

As such, despite often-carnivorous US ethnocentrism, I would trust Israel far more than the US or the UN to determine what is in the best interests of Tel Aviv.

Getting to the heart of the question I posed in the lead, unless I missed breaking news, Hamas' principle goal remains to be the "elimination of Israel as a Jewish state"?

If that is true, other than appeasing the US and the UN, why engage in a cease-fire if the only purpose is to give Hamas time to "reload and pound its chest re: Palestinian fatalities of its own making"?

Tel Aviv's strategy, no doubt, is seemingly knowing that Hamas will violate the "cease-fire," now or later, only because it will not stop spending money until there are no democracies left in the Middle East.
So, when Democrats choose intentionally chose to demonstrate in support of Palestinians AKA Hamas, they should realize that Israeli Jews have a much better sense of what Hamas is capable of than do US citizens, regardless of party.

It is my forecast that Israel views the imminent cease-fire as intermittent, knowing that Hamas very predictably wants only a brief cessation of hostilities only so that it can "reload and gleefully count the rising fatalities of Palestinians which is now listed at over 2,000, most of whom have been civilians, largely because Hamas has consistently used Palestinians as "human shields" to protect military targets of Hamas.

Of that 2,000 fatality figure, 132 have been Palestinian children.

Al-Ray said that the Palestinian delegation in Cairo accepted the Egyptian proposal and that Israel had decided to send its own delegation to Cairo with the aim of continuing indirect negotiations with the Palestinian factions.

Meanwhile, prior to the entry into effect of the cease-fire, Palestinian militants fired several salvos of rockets into Israel, mainly into towns near the border with Gaza, but also at the city of Ashkelon, some 13 km (8 mi.) from Gaza, and Beersheba, 42 km (26 mi.) from the coastal Strip, but Israeli television reported no casualties from those attacks.

Israel, in turn, attacked at least 20 targets in the Gaza Strip, killing three Palestinians, two of whom were children, and wounding 20, local medical authorities said.