Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Italy: Some Visitors Steal from Pompeii, Thus the Need for Surveillance Cameras, Guards

The latest theft emerged just a few months after a US tourist was apprehended attempting to steal tiles from a moasic.

COMMENT: The good news is that the majority of folks who respect antiquities almost never engage in larceny, yet there are always that 10% that respect nothing.

Invariably, numerous incidents of larceny of antiquities occur largely because such sites employ few security guards to keep everyone honest.

Giuseppe Galano, a tour guide at Visit Pompeii, believes some tourists visit such sites specifically to leave with some of its “treasure."

In most cases, if thieves retained small pieces of Pompeii for their own enjoyment, they would almost never be arrested, yet arrest becomes imminent when those engaging in larceny attempt to profit from their crime.

Just last week an Australian auction advertised a mosaic from the site, but the piece was quickly removed after it caught the attention of Italian police who routinely visit such auctions.

In January, a brick supposedly taken from Pompeii in 1958 was also put up for sale on the online retail site for just $99, or a little over €70. The listing, which included four photos of the brick, soon caught the attention of online surfers and, in time, the police.