Monday, August 18, 2014

Italy/UK: British Foreign Office Criticized for Telling the Truth?

“In fact,” the mayor added, “as I already pointed out last year to the British ambassador in Italy, there is international and incontrovertible information that shows that London, from a crime point of view, is much more dangerous than Rome.
“And it’s for this reason that the Italian government, quite rightly, warns our tourists of the danger of certain areas of London. Rome eagerly welcomes all tourists form the United Kingdom, but Romans are offended by the warnings which have a sense of non-existent superiority.”:
COMMENT: Having reviewed the aforementioned British Foreign Office's travel warning for Italy, it seems to be reasonable and judicious for any major world capital of 2.7 million.

If anything, the Foreign Office characterizes most crime as "non-violent," although flagging the fact that tourists can and do lose valuables, which is a fact.
The central Termini Station and the number 64 bus, which goes to St Peter’s Square in the Vatican, are singled out as particularly prone to petty crime.
Moreover, it warns tourists to be vigilant of thieves who target passengers unloading baggage from trains and coaches traveling to and from the main airports.

What does the Mayor of Rome expect, that the British government lie to Britons and put them at risk?