Thursday, August 7, 2014

Malaysia: Two 4th-Year Medical Students Stabbed to Death for Making Too Much Noise While Drinking

According to UK-based The Guardian, two Newcastle University, and fourth-year medical students at a hospital in Borneo were both stabbed to death in Kuching.

Both men, aged 22, Neil Dalton, from Ambergate, Derbyshire, and Aidan Brunger, from Gillingham, Kent, were fourth-year medical students at Newcastle University.

Both men were reportedly stabbed to death at 0415 hours in the morning for reportedly making too much noise. Both men were expected to return to the UK on Friday (August 8).

COMMENT: The greatest mistake that Newcastle University made was not recognizing that Messrs. Dalton and Brunger, while nearly physicians, possessed little experience in cross-cultural relations and should have BRIEFED both men on what to do and what NOT to do while in Malaysia, a Muslim country.

Even if the Malaysian government had provided a coordinator for the exchange program, both men might still be alive.

In my effort to remain objective on all issues, it is noteworthy to point that it is an understatement that young adult Britons in their 20s rarely mix well with alcoholic beverages.

The above being said, it is presumed that if Messrs. Dalton and Brunger were drinking as the sun was coming up in Borneo, it can be concluded that they undoubtedly being loud and boisterous, despite the fact that they were nearly physicians.
  I'll be the first one to acknowledge that US citizens, when they're abroad and in a group, are no fun to be around. They're invariably loud compared to other cultures and often carry with them an ethnocentric attitude of entitlement.

In the end, all cultures are judged based upon their conduct 24/7, not just when working.

One can only hope that the demeanor of the two medical students is accurately described at the defendants' trial so that perhaps their lives may be spared.

As has so often been said, there are always two sides to every story.
The incident occurred when four local men stabbed the medical students to death at 0445 hours and 0600 hours, respectively.

Four suspects have been arrested, the Malaysian news agency, Bernama, reported, and a knife and vehicle allegedly used in the incident recovered.

Although the medical students left the scene of the argument, they reportedly were followed afterwards and stabbed to death.

Professor Tony Stevenson, Newcastle university's acting vice-chancellor, said: "Neil Dalton and Aidan Brunger, both 22, were on a six-week medical placement, along with five other medical students, to put the skills they had learned into practice.

"Two of our staff are flying out to Kuching as soon as possible and are working closely with the British High Commissioner to support the other students and to co-ordinate their return to the UK."

"The medical students were excellent in every respect; they were doing really well with their studies, they were highly committed and coming back next year to work as physicians..."...EXCEPT after an all-night binge.

If convicted of murder, the four suspects face the death sentence under Malaysian law.

This report will be updated as new information becomes available.