Monday, August 4, 2014

México/España: Delivery of 2nd of Three Vessels Demonstrates Trade, Diplomatc Success

According to The Latin American Tribune, Spain's shipyard, Armon, on Sunday (August 3) delivered the tuna boat, Oaxaca, the second vessel in a three-ship package, to México’s Grupo Maritimo Industrial (GROUPOMAR).

The 78-meter (255-foot) boat is of the same type as the Gijon, which was delivered in December 2013, and the Manzanillo, a vessel that is under construction at the shipyard.

The Oaxaca was delivered in Gijon, a port city in the northern Spanish region of Asturias, after María Fernanda Suárez de Guerra, the daughter of Grupomar chairman Antonio Suárez Gutierrez, christened the vessel.

Javier Fernández, president of the Asturian regional government, Mexican Ambassador Roberta Kajoux and Spanish Ambassador to México Luís Fernández-Cid also attended the ceremony.

Fernández thanked Suárez Gutierrez, calling him “one of the best ambassadors that Asturias has in the world,” largely because he displays “his love for the land” where he was born and grew up.

COMMENT: Suárez Gutierrez said the first of three vessels in the package purchased by Grupomar was named the "Gijon" to honor the city where he spent his childhood.

In contrast, the "Oaxaca" was given its name as a tribute to the southern Mexican state where his wife and daughter were born.

México and Spain are enjoying “excellent relations” in the trade and diplomatic areas, key factors for promoting economic development, Ambassador Kajoux said.

Bilateral relations are “magnificent,” Fernández-Cid said, as demonstrated by the delivery of the "Oaxaca."