Friday, August 29, 2014

Morocco: Briton, 22, Slashed in Marrakech in Machete Attack

According to and the BBC 22-year-old Briton Naomie Greedslade, was viciously attacked on Wednesday (August 27) by an assailant wielding a machete after volunteering at a local orphanage.

In a strange sequence of events, Greenslade was on her way home in the Rmila neighborhood in the accent Medina of Marrakech when she and her friends were approached by a man armed with a machete.

After being hit by the machete, the resulting wound left a major slice in the victim's thigh.

The assailant apparently wanted to snatch the bag she was wearing across her body. Yet, the British tourist refused, which prompted the man to hurt her thigh with the “butcher-like blade.”

COMMENT: “I work as a first responder for the Welsh Ambulance Service back home, so I knew what to do,” she added.

Friends and Moroccans intervened to stop the victim’s thigh from bleeding and she was taken later to a nearby hospital where she needed more than a dozen stitches to close the wound.
According to police sources quoted by MAP news agency, the individual in question was arrested on Wednesday.
As I have said so often in the past, "if you're not well-skilled at administering CPR or attending to knife wounds, dealing with shock, dressing wounds, etc., I strongly suggest you consider attending a Red Cross class before traveling abroad, as now or later, you'll put those skills to good use."