Monday, August 18, 2014

Philippines: Abu Sayyaf Demands US$342,857 for Release of Ronald Pelegrin, 38

According to Sayyaf bandits have demanded a P15-million (US$342,857) ransom in exchange for the release of a Zamboangueño government mechanic they seized in the province of Sulu.

The group seized Ronald Pelegrin, 38, and killed his assistant, Dante Avilla, 29, cousins both, after they stormed the provincial motor-pool at approximately 2230 hours on Saturday (August 16) in Patikul, Sulu.

Angelberto Avilla, Dante's father, said the ransom demand was relayed to Pelegrin’s wife, Emily, through a cellular phone call on Sunday (August 17).

COMMENT: Considering that Pelegrin was kidnapped only on Saturday, and given the Philippine government's apparent prohibition against the payment of ransom for government employees. 

One can only hope that Abu Sayyaf significantly drops its demands to the point that the family could fulfill a more reasonable monetary demand.

Surely Abu Sayyaf is cognizant of the ransom restrictions on the Philippine government.