Saturday, August 9, 2014

Sri Lanka: "Guest-Houses" Offer You Ambiance, But Little Else...Like Personal Security

According to The Tamil Guardian and Ceylon Today, a German tourist  was the victim of an attempted rape in Hatton on Monday (August 4). 
The German woman, 30, who was on holiday with her husband, was staying in a guest house, when an employee attempted to rape her while she was sleeping, she told police.

The employee was arrested on Tuesday (August 5) and charged with the attempted rape, according to police.

COMMENT: I generally discourage foreign travelers from intentionally seeking accommodations in "guest-houses," as the term generally has an inference of  "diminished physical security."

Although I understand fully travelers' need to find a truly "local" experience, "guest houses" generally lack THREE features that I deem particularly important when it comes to guest-room security:

1. Enhanced physical security from crime;

2. Not being interrupted by hotel staff that suddenly appear with NO warning whatsoever; and

3. Lack of a two-key lobby safe deposit box system for the storage of valuables, cash, credit cards, passports, etc.

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