Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Thailand: Five-Year-Old French Boy Killed by Box Jellyfish While Swimming Off Koh Phangan

According to http://www.iol.co.za, a five-year-old French boy was killed by box jellyfish off an island resort in Thailand, prompting local authorities to issue a warning, local media said.
The boy died en-route to a hospital after being stung by jellyfish on Saturday (August 23), while swimming off Koh Phangan in the Gulf of Thailand. 
“We advise everyone to be cautious when swimming in the area,” Yongyos Thammawut of the local health department was quoted as saying.
COMMENT: Unfortunately, NO five year-old-boy should be in any sea water unsupervised…EVER. There are simply too many problems that can occur.

Box jellyfish are relatively rare off the Thai coast, but their numbers swell during the summer months, and this year's population has grown particularly high, experts say.

The above being said, Thai officials in all their forms are by far the most complacent regulators anywhere that fail to have any sense of urgency, particularly where environmental risks are concerned particular as they relate to life-safety.
Koh Phangan is known as home to the monthly Full Moon Party, as well as hosting a range of tourist resorts.
Box jellyfish are among the most venomous organisms on Earth. A sting from their tentacles, which can grow to three meters (10 feet in length), can be fatal to humans, particularly children.