Saturday, August 9, 2014

Tip of the Day: Be Observant of Everything Around You! Everything!

I suspect that my education, training and experience have all played a role in the person that I eventually became, but I don't necessarily see that as negative, just different considering that it was knowledge that enabled me to reach the age of 70, and, if I'm fortuitous, perhaps even to the age of 90!

All of that being said,  my Tip of the Day for Saturday (August 9) is reasonably simple:

1. Be observant in everything going on around you!

2. Let me give you just one real-life example:

A South African couple had just had dinner together and were looking forward to a long life together.

What they didn't realize was that the restaurant had been under surveillance by local thugs who selected the couple based on their dress, demeanor and bearing as good prospects for a home invasion. 

A long story made short, the couple was followed to their upscale home some ten miles from Pretoria only to be threatened, intimidated, beaten up and the wife raped by the assailants as the criminals methodically went through their home for hours stealing whatever struck their fancy. See the below link:

4. If you reside in the US, check the below link to see what the criminal threat is in your hometown:

5. Another real-life example to measure instinctive decision-making:

You're filing up you gas tank in a developing country. Suddenly, a pedestrian walks up to you and points a handgun into your face and says "give me your keys"!

Without thinking, what is the first thing to go through your mind!

If RESISTANCE is crossing your mind, you've already made the WRONG choice!

NEVER RESIST a gunman who is pointing a gun at you!

6. Now, let's rewind # 5 above.

If you have cautious observation skills and are always observing what is going on around you may might not have overlooked the BLUE sedan that had been parked at the service station for well over an hour, but which had a full view of all vehicles entering and leaving the station;

Such a vehicle is often referred to as a "spotter";

One unique factor about ALL carjackers...they almost cannot drive TWO vehicles AT ONE TIME...which means that you should be looking for TWO suspicious people, BOTH of whom are intently watching targets at the same time;

SPOTTERS can always be found in vehicles and CARJACKERS always found on foot;

If you know what you're looking for, spotters and carjackers can be found communicating non-verbally or by mobile phone. See how easy it is?

The next step can be a little trickier;

Focus your attention NOT on the spotter, but the CARJACKER, because they're together and  you can't watch BOTH of them, yet the CARJACKER is your main problem;

If you NEVER take your eyes off of the CARJACKER, you can actually prevent a carjacking by simply being observant, providing you always keep the carjacker at LEAST 75 feet away from you;

Most carjackers almost always use a pretense to get close to their target which may involve their asking a question, checking on directions, etc., BUT in keeping with the term "ARMED CARJACKING," always look for a tote bag, briefcase or even a newspaper to conceal a gun in;

We're NOW going to switch to small letters to keep the guidance simple;

a. A driver NOT in his/her car is very VULNERABLE, so when you see the carjacker begin walking toward you [they rarely run], get into your car and be ready to drive quickly;

b.  If you know the area, drive to the nearest friendly embassy, hospital or police station, lock your car, TAKE your keys with you and enter the building all within 15 seconds; and

c. If you DON'T know the area, you may be forced to surrender yourself to the armed carjacker: JUST REMEMBER NEVER, EVER RESIST a person holding a gun aimed at you!

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