Thursday, August 7, 2014

Tip of the Day: Clash of Cultural Mores in Asia Potentially Puts Lives in Jeopardy

COMMENT: A clash in cultural mores, both occurring in the Far East, one in North Korea and one happening in Malaysia, are so noteworthy that I am reluctant to let them pass, as doing so potentially could put the lives of Westerners at risk in the foreseeable future.

The first comes to us from North Korea and China and is described in the link below:

The second case comes to us from Malaysia where two very young 4th year  medical students without adequate and disciplined adult leadership were both stabbed to death while partying too an excess, causing them to both be stabbed to death by four locals. See the link below:

As both of these cases depict all too clearly, the perception of what host governments consider appropriate conduct and what inexperienced young foreigners perceive as appropriate decorum VARY widely, and can often result in victim-precipitated serious injuries and fatalities that could never be foreseen.

Having lived in eight countries and traveled extensively in 65 other nations, I cannot emphasize more the importance of cultural assimilation and the need for foreigners to emulate the cultural mores they are surrounded by.

Making false assumption that all countries have only different locations can have very fatal results when contrasting cultures clash with tragic results.

Although the 4th-year medical students were no doubt gifted in their life-saving skills, they knew next to nothing about assimilating into a drastically different culture. Lots of tragedy for all concerned.