Monday, August 11, 2014

Tip of the Day: If You Are Warned of a Cyclone, Do the Following...

Cyclones (revolving storms in the Southern Hemisphere that blow in a clockwise circle):

At the warning of a cyclone, do the following:

1.  Fill bathtub, containers with water to flush toilets and sanitize items if water systems fail;

2.  Fill your gas-tank, and park it under a solid structure;

3.  Close shutters and board up or heavily tape all windows;

4.  Disconnect electrical appliances and turn off all propane gas tanks;

5.  Remain inside in the most secure part of a building (cellar, internal hallway, bathrooms);

6.  Stay clear of all windowed areas, as in a cyclone they can cause serious injury, death;

7.  If the building begin to break apart, protect yourself my pulling mattresses, rugs, blankets, etc. or seek shelter under a strong table or bench;

8.  Hold onto solid fixtures, such as water pipes, plumbing fixtures for "dear life"; and

9.  If you are driving while in a vehicle, stop some distance away from rivers, trees, power lines, etc. and REMAIN in your vehicle.