Saturday, August 30, 2014

Tip of the Day: Never Talk to Strangers, Particularly if They Are Attractive

According to http://www.7online.coma 45-year-old tourist from Thailand was robbed of thousands in jewelry and cash by a striking blonde woman he met in a Lower Manhattan bar.

COMMENT: The advice that is generally offered to young children often holds equally valid for adults as well: Don't talk to strangers, particularly if they are attractive women and buy YOU a beer.

Another tip: Looking for women in bars is generally not a good idea.

The Thai visitor recalled that the beer had a strange taste, but drank it at the woman's insistence.

News-flash! If a stranger buys you a drink, and urges you to drink it, despite it tasting badly, most cops would call this a "clue," promptly you to leave and gravitate to the nearest police officer.

The two, now a "couple," eventually ended up in the Thai visitor's guest-room at the Hyatt Times Square Hotel on West 45th Street, and at some point he passed out. 

When the Thai eventually awoke, his $15,000 Daytona Rolex, his $6,000 Versace gold necklace, his iPhone (roughly $500) and $2,000 in cash were all missing.

Not a good night.

Two other tips:

1. When you leave your country of residence, always have a customs officer complete a declaration form as to the valuables you're leaving home with so you can prove that you had them when you left; and/or

2. Alternatively, wear a dual-time Casio athletic watch.