Saturday, August 9, 2014

Turkey: Slade Family Urged to Seek Legal Advice After Barely Surviving Knife Attack at Hotel Pool

According to The Irish Mirror, brothers Danny and Ben Slade, 26 and 22, respectively, thought that they might actually die in when a fellow holidaymaker attacked them with a knife shouting "I'm killing you," in a dispute over sunbeds at a five-star Turkish hotel in Gumbet in front of horrified sunbathers at the packed hotel pool.

Ben, 22, was rushed to a local hospital where he had to undergo life-saving surgery later that day for five gaping wounds to his legs, arms and feet. Danny, 26, said he narrowly escaped death as the knife missed his heart and lungs by just two centimeters (0.78 of an inch).

They said they feel mentally scarred by the bloodbath which was seen by dozens of guests, including children.

Brother Ben told how his architect brother saved his life by pushing the attacker away.
Just moments before their ordeal, the attacker had screamed at the family over sunbeds the Slades had reserved earlier that day.

Ben told the his soon-to-be assailant his family could take two of the beds, before asking him to leave them alone as he continued to vent and shout.

The angry tourist was causing such a disturbance that their dad, Daniel, 50, left to raise the alarm with hotel security. But they say the man returned shortly after with a knife and began stabbing Ben. 

COMMENT:  It is unforgivable that the ISIS resort in Gumbet did not  charge the Slade Family absolutely NOTHING for their harrowing experience and that the hotel manager has not reached out to the family to see how they can "make things right."

My advice to the Slade Family is to consider seeking legal advice back home to determine if they have a cause of action, not only to help absorb their medical expenses, emotional trauma and counseling fees if not punitive damages. I also urge them to call me on 1-231-360-5105.

The family say Ben would be dead had Danny not leaped on top of the assailant, who then turned the blade on the older brother.

Ben said: “I had laid down on the sunbed after the guy walked off when I heard my brother’s girlfriend screaming my name. “I opened my eyes and looked up and saw this knife glinting in the light."

“I then fell over another sunbed and he stabbed me in the leg. While this was going on he was telling me "I’m killing you."

“My brother saved my life without a doubt. I got stabbed five times. I can’t look at the scars, it upsets me that much."

“There were about 60 or 70 people poolside with children; it was [1500] in the afternoon so it was packed. While it was happening, people were screaming and trying to cover their children’s eyes.”

The brothers flew home to Ashford, with parents Daniel and Mary, 49, and Danny’s girlfriend, Lauren Anshaw, 24, three days later.

The brothers' Mother, Mary, 49, who was not present at the pool when the attack happened, says all the family are now going to have counseling to cope with the horror of what they experienced.

“I saw Danny first of all, there was blood everywhere. He told me, "I think he’s killed Ben. It was terrible."

The Isis Hotel and Spa in Gumbet, near Bodrum, declined to comment.

This report will be updated as new information becomes available.