Sunday, August 17, 2014

Vietnam: Taxi Driver Steals iPhone, Good Samaritans, Police Seize Thief

According to, locals and police in Hanoi arrested a taxi driver who stole a mobile phone from a Finnish couple on Thursday night (August 14).

Nguyen Xuan Viet, 23, was arrested for stealing an iPhone from a passenger named Mari Susanna, 48, and her husband hailed Viet to transport them from Hai Ba Trung street to their hotel in Nghi Tam street.
At their destination, Viet asked the couple to pay him a total of VND 200,000 (US$10), although the taxi meter only read VND 80,000 ($4).
The couple paid him the fee displayed on the meter and left the taxi.
COMMENT: Unfortunately, an enterprising network of criminals, atypically working as taxi drivers, Viet then followed the couple for a period of time before quickly exiting his cab, snatching the iPhone out of Susanna's hand and returning to the driver's seat to make good his getaway.
Fortunately, a group of Good Samaritans and police quickly surrounded the cab and arrested the crime-focused taxi driver.

A few words about using any smartphone as a camera…DON'T!

Yes, you may spend a bit more money to have a mobile AND a camera, but it is when you're using a smartphone to take a photo that you're the most vulnerable!

Let's be honest. Where you have an iPhone or an Android, you're holding roughly $500-900 in your hand versus an inexpensive point-and-shoot for no more than $200-300.

Let's also acknowledge that the demand for smartphones GREATLY outweigh the demand for point-and-shoot cameras.

The reality is that you can purchase some Nikon point-and-shoot cameras that produce GREAT photos with incredibly GREAT quality for about half the cost of your mobile!

The downside of most smartphones, whether they're an Android or an iPhone, is that they all have a unique look and features to the point that they are recognizable from afar, which is why either phone is at the top of most criminals' To-Do List.