Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Alabama: Update--UPS Shooter Wearing Uniform When He Shot, Killed 2 UPS Workers, Self

According to The Associated Press, Birmingham police report that the UPS employee in uniform who shot and killed two UPS workers and then himself inside a Birmingham warehouse had been terminated from his job a day earlier.
Police Lt. Sean Edwards said Tuesday (September 23) that one of the victims had been a supervisor at the warehouse.
COMMENT: Having responded to a number of workplace violence events during my career, I can honestly say that the period of time whereby  participants in an interpersonal conflict are so angry and hostile that they may engage in irreversible criminal behavior that can be calculated in a matter of days.

Another facet that must be thoroughly examined is the large number of global citizens who have diagnosable mental illnesses in the absence of professional treatment today, which renders everyone at risk on any given day. 

I have voiced this concern in the past in a number of my postings, but it seemingly falls upon deaf ears amongst local, state and federal agencies.

Several years I was retained by a major university on the East Coast that involved the dismissal of a large number of employees where it was anticipated that an adverse reaction by staff would result. In that case, every potential foreseeable adverse action was anticipated, resulting in no injuries to any person during the scheduled layoffs.

Typically, management of any organization that employees people should conduct a psychological assessment by someone experienced in dealing with hostile behavior days before the individual is formally notified that they will be terminated for cause.

In this case, three lives were ended through an act of violence that very likely could have been prevented before the fact.

Neither the gunman nor his two victims have been named as family members have not as yet been been notified. 

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