Saturday, September 27, 2014

Belize: Police Constable, 20, Shot, Killed by Multiple Hispanic Assailants in Cayo

According to The Jamaica Observergunmen, believed to be illegal Guatemalan nationals, shot and killed a 20-year-old police constable at a popular tourist destination in western Belize.

Danny Conorquie, a Special Constable assigned to the Belize Tourism Police Unit was ambushed by the gunmen who emerged from the bush near the Caracol archaeological site in the Cayo district.

Conorquie was one of two police officers on duty at the time of the incident on Thursday (September 25). He was shot in the head and died at the crime scene.

COMMENT: According to a government statement, two men on horseback shot at Conorquie near the main temple in full view of several tourists and tour operators.  After the shooting the men fled into the bush. 

Conorquie was rushed to the San Ignacio town hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

The Belizean government said that additional security personnel have been deployed to the Caracol archaeological site to ensure the safety of visitors who frequent the area and that “every effort is being made to bring those responsible to justice."

One eyewitness told reporters that a second police officer bravely rushed to the aid of his fallen comrade and was engaged in an exchange of gunfire with the assailants.

Although the government said there were two men on horseback, the witness, who works as a tour guide, said there were three Hispanics, believed to be Guatemalan nationals.

The Belize Police Department on Friday (September 26) said that about five men stood over Conorquie’s body before escaping.

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