Monday, September 22, 2014

Brazil: Candidate Marina Silva Puzzled by Rousseff, Candidates Offering No Detailed Plan for Voters

According to The Latin American Tribunepresidential candidate Marina Silva said on Monday (September 22) that incumbent Dilma Rousseff and the other serious contender in the October 5 election have offered no coherent proposals and that they “aspire to essentially receive a blank check” from voters.

Silva, the standard-bearer of the centrist PSB, is the top challenger to President Rousseff and polls show that the two candidates are likely to face each other in the October 26 runoff.

In an event organized by the National Association of Catholic Schools in Brazil, Silva said Monday that she is the victim of a “savage campaign” on the part of her opponents, who have harshly criticized many of her proposals.

“Against that, I’m asking God for the judgment of the people,” Silva, a fervent evangelical Christian, told the educators.

Silva once again denied that, contrary to what Rousseff and Sen. Aecio Neves claim, she will do away with the social plans that in recent years have allowed Brazil to substantially reduce its poverty and malnutrition rates.

“That offends the intelligence of Brazilians,” Silva said, pointing out that she grew up in dire poverty and that her own childhood would prevent her from abandoning the country’s poorest.

“On the contrary, I’m going to help them even more, because in Brazil there are still 4 million families in a situation of social vulnerability who have not been attended to,” she said.

COMMENT: Regarding Rousseff and Neves, Silva insisted that they still have not presented their respective programs for governing the nation, making it appear that “they only aspire to receive a blank check” from voters.

The absence of a comprehensive platform from both the President and Neves suggests that neither are proud of their programs for impoverished Brazilians.

Silva, who is well-known for her ecological activism. On Monday Ms. Silva held a meeting with bicyclists in Brasília, promising them that, if elected, she will adopt public policies to support non-polluting alternative transportation methods.

“There will be different measures of support for non-motorized, non-polluting transportation,” declared Silva, who became the PSB’s candidate following the August 13 death of the party’s original presidential hopeful, Eduardo Campos, in a plane crash.

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