Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Burundi: Three Italian Nuns Raped, Murdered in Their Convent on September 7

According to the below link, three Italian nuns were raped and killed in Burundi:


According to THE WASHINGTON TIMES, three elderly Italian nuns were brutally beaten, raped and murdered inside their Bujumbura convent on Sunday (September 7), police said Monday (September 8) as they continued their search for the killers.

Olga Raschietti, 83, and Lucia Pulici, 75, both Roman Catholic nuns, were stabbed to death inside the convent Sunday afternoon in Kamenge, near the capital.

One of the assailants then battered one of the two women with a rock before fleeing the convent, according to AFP

Another nun in the same convent was killed several hours later, her body beaten and beheaded, police said. Colleagues named her as 79-year-old Bernadette Boggia, AFP reported.

COMMENT: As someone who has handled virtually every security threat that can confront those living abroad, until those responsible are brought to justice, it is suggested that the convent be locked 24/7 in the event further provocations occur.

“After the discovery of the two nuns who were brutally killed…the decapitated body of the third nun was found,” Deputy Director General of Police Godefroid Bizimana told AFP.

Burundi police said the motive of the killing was not clear. Law enforcement sources suggested the third nun was killed by an accomplice who had hidden in the convent, AFP reported.

Police spokesman Colonel Helmegilde Harimenshi said three suspects are being questioned.

Burundian Vice-President Prosper Bazombanza said the government was “appalled by such barbarity.”