Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Chile: Graduate of Georgetown University Murdered on School Premises in Temuco

According to El Tiempo, Chilean police investigations (PDI) investigates the circumstances of the death of a young American woman who was in Chile on an exchange program and whose body was found Saturday (September 6) inside the Baptist College of Temuco, 700 miles (1,126 kilometers) south of the capital of Santiago. 

"Tests have determined the existence of at least three head injuries caused by blunt-force trauma, which translates into a homicide according to Regional Prosecutor Cristian Paredes, in connection with the death of US citizen  Erica Faith Hagan, 22. 

The young woman's body was found in the bathtub of the apartment occupied inside the education center, especially arranged for those in this exchange program. Police did not rule out sexual assault.

"We are still working on the crime scene. According to data collected at the scene the assailant or assailants found evidence of an attempt to destroyed evidence with fire, according to Hernan Solís, a supervisor on the homicide squad."

COMMENT: The woman's body was taken to the Forensic Medical Service of Temuco for an autopsy to be performed in order to determine cause of death.

Erica Hagan arrived in Chile last July 28 from Georgetown University (based in Washington, DC) to assist in the English department of the college. 

Hagan was a native of the US state of Kentucky. At such time as the Chilean police complete their investigation, her remains will be repatriated to her family.

Hagan's family have been notified of her death.

The town is shocked by the incident and the authorities have decreed the suspension of classes for three days.

This report will be updated as new information becomes available.