Friday, September 26, 2014

Colombia: Dutch Beer, Grolsch, Now Being Sold

According to The Latin American Tribune, Dutch beer, Grolsch, is for sale in Colombia effective Wednesday (September 24), distributor Bavaria said.

Grolsch, first brewed in the Netherlands in 1615 and featuring 5% alcohol content, is now the oldest brand among the global offerings distributed by Bavaria, the company said in a statement.

“We are convinced of Grolsch’s positive impact in the Colombian beverage market, thanks to its distinctive characteristics: flavor, body, color and an inspiring and creative packaging,” Bavaria vice president Fernando Jaramillo said.

In a recent interview with the El Espectador newspaper, Jaramillo said Colombia had a relatively low consumption of beer at 44 liters (about 12 gallons) per capita annually, compared to, for example, 73 liters (19 gallons) in neighboring Venezuela.

COMMENT: In fact, beer sales in Colombia have been decreasing after reaching 63 liters (16.5 gallons) per capita annually in 1990, Jaramillo said.

Bavaria, owned since 2005 by brewing giant SAB Miller, said Grolsch was available in 70 countries with annual sales close to 2.1 million hectoliters (55 million gallons).

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