Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Dominican Republic: Sixty-Four % of Dominicans Believe Country's Greatest Problem is Crime

According to The Latin American TribuneMore than 64% of Dominicans believe that the country’s biggest problem is crime, closely followed by the economy, according to a Gallup poll published Monday (September 8) in the daily Hoy.

For 62% of respondents, the economic situation is “bad” or “very bad,” while only 15% consider it “good.”

Other problems noted by the Dominican population are frequent power blackouts and difficulty in obtaining health care.

Education, measures in favor of women and public works are the three areas in which the administration of President Danilo Medina has performed best.

COMMENT: Among the most respected Cabinet members, Education Minister Carlos Amarante topped the list with a positive rating from 35.8% of respondents.

Public Works Minister Gonzalo Castillo came in a distant second, with an approval rating of 14.1%.

The Gallup poll was taken with a sample of 1,200 people consulted by means of questionnaires distributed throughout the country between August 29-September 2.