Tuesday, September 9, 2014

España: Irish Mob Enforcer Executed by Two Assassins in Costa del Sol

According to The Irish Mirror, two assassins showed up in Harmon's Irish Pub for less than a minute on Saturday (September 6), but enabled them sufficient time for two assassins to pump nine rounds into Gerard "Hatchet" Kavanagh's back and head and promptly exit.

Associates of Kavanagh were last night reportedly hunting for the victim's wife who reportedly ordered the "hit."

The 44-year-old, whose son is a top-ranked professional boxer, was an "enforcer" for "Dapper Don" Christy Kinahan; close associates have already vowed revenge for the assassination.

The Irish Mirror has learned that Kavanagh close pal searched a number of Dublin bars over the weekend for the wife of a man suspected of ordering the shooting. 

COMMENT: Most criminals rarely die of old age. So much for fun in the sun.

An investigation has been launched by Spanish police into the latest expat murder on Costa del Sol.

Kavanagh had just ordered a drink and was speaking with an unidentified woman when the assassins, wearing balaclavas, burst into the bar and shot him to death.

Spanish police are examining a number of motives into the shooting. Kavanagh was a member of the Kinahan gang controlled by Christy Kinahan, based in Costa del Sol.

It seems clear that that the dispute stems from an argument between the Kinahan gang and a Russian mob that got short-changed on a drug shipment.

This report will be updated as new information becomes available.