Saturday, September 13, 2014

España/US: Spain, US Defense Experts Confer on Growth of IS via Telecom

According to The Latin American TribuneUS Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and Spanish counterpart Pedro Morenes conferred by telephone on Thursday (September 11) Washington’s planned offensive against IS (Islamic State).

According to the Pentagon spokesman, Rear Adm. John Kirby USN, the two defense ministers discussed a series of defense matters, including the current state of affairs in the coalition against the Islamic State (IS).

Hagel thanked Morenes for Spain’s “solid military relations” with the US and for the fact that the Iberian nation continues to accommodate US forces at the bases of Moron and Rota.

COMMENT: It was remiss of Washington to not extend a single diplomatic invitation to ALL allies who oppose the very existence of IS. This is yet another example of the Obama Administrations less-refined approach to protocols and one that could have neutralized España being miffed.

The Pentagon did not specify whether Spain offered military support or materiel to the US-led multinational coalition in order to intensify airstrikes against IS positions in Iraq and Syria.

Last Monday (September 8), Morenes said that Spain is involved in the international fight against jihadism and “will contribute what it has to contribute” when NATO settles on what it considers the right action to take against IS.

During the conversation, Defense Minister Morenes rejected the idea that Spain does not play an active role in the fight against jihadism after not being included in the international coalition against IS that was established at the recent NATO Summit in Wales.