Saturday, September 27, 2014

Global Impact: German Foreign Ministry Travel Warning Fails to Deliver on Detail

According to The Latin American Tribune, the German government raised the level of alert on Friday (September 26), cautioning its citizens against traveling to "Arab, African and Asian" countries where there is a "high risk" of being kidnapped by Islamic State (IS) militants, sympathizers and other jihadist groups.

The Federal Foreign Ministry updated the warning directed at Germans traveling to countries where they might conceivably be in danger of being abducted by groups such as the IS, or criminal gangs that sell their hostages to terrorist groups.

The German Interior Ministry also said probabilities of a terror attack are at a “critical” level, despite the non-existence of confirmed terrorist plots.

COMMENT: The German Foreign Ministry however well-intentioned, the lack of specificity in terms of high-risk nations that travelers should AVOID offered scant detail.

"Arab, African and Asian nations" encompass a significant part of the world, yet without identifying high-risk nations by name, such a warning is fruitless.

German intelligence had previously announced that it has information on 450 IS supporters and members who have already left the European country to join the jihadist movement.

It added that around half of them hold German passports. 

These German jihadists are either of foreign origin who at some point acquired German citizenship, or were born in Germany and thus eligible to be citizens since birth.

The other 50% simply resided in Germany.

The intelligence agency also estimates that 120 of the 450 have returned to Germany after spending time in IS training camps.

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