Sunday, September 28, 2014

Global Impact: Germany Begins Training Kurdish Fighters on $90 Million Worth of Weapons

According to The Associated Press, the German Army has commenced training 32 Kurdish peshmerga fighters at a military school in Bavaria to support them in their fight against IS fighters. 
A spokesman for the German Defense Ministry said Sunday (September 28) that the 32 Kurdish fighters would stay in Germany until October 3 to receive weapons training.
Germany also began delivering arms to the Kurds in northern Iraq on Thursday (September 25), dispatching a shipment of 50 hand-held anti-tank weapons, 520 G3 rifles and 20 machine guns.
COMMENT: Collectively, the Germany plan to arm 10,000 Kurdish fighters with some 70 million euros ($90 million) worth of weapons and ammunition.
Germany is also assigning 40 paratroopers to help train the fighters on the their new equipment. 

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