Friday, September 12, 2014

Global Impact: Parents of James Foley Go Public, Outraged by Beheading of Their Son

According to AFP and CNN, the mother of be headed US journalist James Foley said she felt her son's case was an "annoyance" to the US government.
Foley's parents were told no prisoners would be exchanged for Mr. Foley nor would the government take military action, the mother said. 
The Foleys were told not to go to the media and "trust that it would be taken care of." 
In an interview aired Thursday (September 11) with CNN, Diane Foley said her family was warned it could be charged if it tried to raise ransom money to free their son.
"As an American I was embarrassed and appalled," Foley said.
COMMENT: As a matter of interest, I know of no US family that has ever been criminally charged for paying a ransom as US multinational executives pay ransom all the time. Even former Senior Regional Security Officer (SRSO) Stephen Lesniak in Guyana, who was kidnapped by bandits in 2003 while playing golf, paid a $14,000 ransom and was never charged. 

The real downside of the Obama Administration's legacy is that they will tell US taxpayers almost anything to achieve their political objectives, including "If you want to keep your doctor, you can. Period…if you want to keep you're insurance you can. Period."

The tragic downside is that if President Obama had told taxpayers the truth, and had been believed at his word, there was a high likelihood that Obamacare would never have passed.

"I think our efforts to get Jim freed were an annoyance" to the Obama Administration, Diane added. "It didn't seem to be in our strategic interest, if you will."
The 40-year-old freelance reporter's death was revealed August 19 in a video released by IS militants, in which he is seen being beheaded.
IS said his killing was in response to US air strikes against it. A week later it released another video showing the beheading of another American journalist, Steven Sotloff.
Foley had covered wars in Afghanistan, Libya and Syria and contributed to GlobalPost, Agence France-Presse and other media organizations. He was seized by gunmen in northern Syria in 2012.
"Jim would have been saddened. Jim believed to the end that his country would come to their aid," Foley said.
"We were just told to trust that he would be freed somehow, miraculously," Foley's mother said. "And he wasn't, was he?"