Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Global Impact: Thank You, French President François Hollande

According to The Associated Press, President François Hollande's office has announced that France is suspending the delivery of a warship to Russia amid security concerns about Moscow's actions in neighboring Ukraine.
COMMENT: The announcement came after President Hollande convened a special defense panel, a day before the commencement of a NATO Summit in Wales and after months of pressure from France to suspend the sale amid tensions between Russia and Ukraine. 
President Hollande's office called the fighting in Ukraine "grave" and said Russia's recent actions in eastern Ukraine harm "the foundations of security in Europe."
The "Vladivostok," the first of two Mistral-class helicopter carriers ordered by Russia, was to be delivered by late October 2014.
Despite talk Wednesday of a possible cease-fire in Ukraine, President Hollande said that's not enough to allow France to authorize the delivery of the warships.