Monday, September 1, 2014

Global Impact: Why Not Convince Hamas to Give Up on Its Goal of Eliminating Israel as a Country?

According to AFP, Egypt on Monday (September 1) denounced Israeli plans to expropriate West Bank land, saying the move violates international law and is an obstacle to efforts for a lasting Hamas-Israeli cease-fire.
Tel Aviv proposed the transfer of 988 acres situated near Bethlehem and allowed 45 days for appeals.
"This is not a positive step: it contradicts international law and will have negative consequences on the peace process," an Egyptian Foreign Ministry statement in Cairo said.
Egypt last week mediated a cease-fire between Tel Aviv and Hamas enclave to end a bloody and devastating 50-day war--the deadliest in years.
Negotiators are expected to return to Cairo within a month to discuss "deal-breaking" issues such as Hamas demands for a port and an airport and the release of prisoners, as well as Israel's call for militants in the Palestinian territory to be disarmed.
The foreign ministry did not mention the Gaza truce talks but insisted that Israel's planned land grab in the West Bank would be "an obstacle" to a two-state solution between Israel and Hamas. 
COMMENT: The one fact that the Egyptian Foreign Ministry is failing to recognize is that this is not a question of what the Palestinians and Israelis wants, but rather what Hamas does and DOES NOT want, as it is HAMAS that is the subterranean "decider"?
The one FACT that everyone on both sides of the equation seem to be missing is: 
Hamas has REFUSED to give up on its stated goal of removing the Jewish state from the face of the Earth.
If the above response to that critical question, why not ask the Egyptian Foreign Ministry if they can get Hamas to surrender their stated goal of eliminating the Jewish state?
If Hamas is unwilling to advise the Egyptian Foreign Ministry that it REFUSES to quash its stated goal of eliminating the Jewish state, let the hostilities renew until Hamas formally and militarily surrenders.
Regardless of the merits and downsides of the proposed transfer of 988 acres, if Hamas is unwilling to surrender its stated goal of eliminating the Jewish state as a country, why even argue over the pro and con of a cease-fire, a fairy tale that is destined to collapse.
As I have said previously, Hamas knows that it cannot defeat Israel militarily, so it has chosen the very GRAY path of a political and public relations solution that is much less definitive.