Saturday, September 20, 2014

Greece: Update--British Honeymooner 39, Killed in Jet-Ski Accident, Best Friend Arrested

According to the below link:

A British honeymooner, Jeremy Hope, 39, died two days after his dream wedding on Monday (on Greece's Santorini island when he was involved in a jet-ski accident with his best friend, Pete Hudson, who was subsequently arrested for negligent homicide.

COMMENT: Part of the reason I have likely lived so long is largely because I'm deliberately cautious and careful from a life as a federal agent.

The truth be told, if I had just been married to a woman I really cared about, I very likely would NOT have jumped on jet-ski with a male friend, but more probably would have spent quality time with my bride celebrating a precious moment.

Then again, that's me. We're all different.

A harmonious wedding is never a good time to be involved in a jet-ski accident, when merrymakers are much more inclined to dispense with minor injuries that are likely to warrant closer attention.

Jeremy tragically died two days after he and his bride, Sarah, 30, were married.

It is understood that Jeremy dispensed with his injuries and went back to  sunbathing with his bride, Sarah, 30, after the accident, but then fell seriously ill.
The bad news doesn't end there. A physician diagnosed that Jeremy was suffering from internal bleeding and rushed the groom to a hospital in Crete.
Worse, Jeremy and Sarah, who were married only on Monday (September 15), sadly died en-route to Crete aboard the air ambulance from head and chest injuries on Wednesday (September 17).
Pete Hudson, 29, was due to appear in court on Friday (September 19) and could be charged with negligent homicide and face years in prison.
A spokesman for the Greek Coast Guard  claimed that the two men were seen ‘showing off’ and not paying attention to safe operation before they collided.
Jeremy's father flew back to Santorini on Wednesday (September 17). The father is devastated. Everything is up in the airwe don't know exactly what has happened or will happen.
Sarah, who lived with Jeremy in Kingston-upon-Thames, London, was too upset to even comment. Her sister has flown out to support her.
Pete is schedule to appear on the island of Naxos alongside the owner of the jet-ski business.
Mr Hudson is due to appear in court on the island of Naxos on Friday alongside the owner of the jet ski rental business.
This report will be updated for our readers as soon as we hear more on the court appearance.
It is believed that Sarah remained with Pete and is still in Greece. The couple operated a business together.
A Foreign Office spokesman said: “We are aware of the death of a British National in Greece on September 17. We are providing consular assistance to his family at this sad time. We are aware of the arrest of a British national in Greece and are providing consular assistance to him.”

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