Saturday, September 27, 2014

Guam/US: Chad De Soto Sentenced to Three Life Terms w/o Parole, But...

According to, a resident of Guam who killed three Japanese tourists and wounded eleven others during a frenzied knife attack on the island has been jailed for three life terms.

Superior Court Judge Anita Sukola said Chad Ryan De Soto, 22, had shown no remorse over the brutal attack in February 2013 and would spend the rest of his life in jail without the prospect of parole.

The Judge told the court that in De Soto's statement to the court, his remorsefulness was tentative at best; he concentrated more about his mental illness.

Judge Sukola said De Soto, who was convicted last month after a jury rejected his insanity plea, and was likely to commit more crimes unless he was incarcerated forever.

COMMENT: In the interest of transparency, I am a former Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL) and a certified National Rifle Association (NRA) pistol instruction and Range Officer. I fully subscribe to the 2nd Amendment of the Bill of rights, providing that all gun owners can safely operate a firearm.

That being said, firearms safety is inherent in my background which includes a career as a federal agent.

Unfortunately, in an imperfect world, it is incumbent upon local, state and federal officials to ensure that only rational and mentally stable individuals have access to firearms.

Although the 2nd Amendment can be debated endlessly, the reality is that "concealed-carry" prevails in a all 50 US states as of this moment.

Although it is comforting that Chad De Soto no longer has the capacity of reigning terror on tourists in Guam, I persist in my stated position that there are far too many people with diagnosable mental disease out loose and walking among us about to prey on law-abiding citizens at any given moment throughout the United States and its possessions.

Put differently, the Obama Administration, which is essentially in "charge of what happens throughout the US," is remiss in its responsibility to keep all citizens and tourists safe from foreseeable, predictable events.

Although "concealed-carry" laws prevail in all 50 states, what about the tens of millions of citizens who choose not to carry a firearm or who cannot meet the requirements of an FBI background check?

What about the millions of tourists who visit the US and its territories every year, who incorrectly assume that they are safe from dangerous people who might "snap" at any given moment?

Although most of us presume that we're safe in our daily activities, this is really not accurate.

Honestly speaking, many of the postings I have citied in STAYING SAFE ABROAD since 2009 often stem from people that are not "quite right" or who have diagnosable mental disease or defects.

De Soto drove his car into a group of people who were enjoying an evening stroll in the tourist district of Tumon, and then leapt from the vehicle and attacked bystanders at random with a sharp knife in each hand.

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