Saturday, September 6, 2014

Honduras: Homicides Double Between 2005 and 2013, Travel by Foreigners Discouraged

According to The Latin American Tribune, the number of homicides in Honduras caused by firearms has increased 206.5% over the past nine years, the Central American nation’s human rights commissioner said on Friday (September 5).

A total of 49,294 homicides were reported during the 2005-2013 period, Roberto Herrera said in a statement.

Murders carried out with guns climbed from 1,835 in 2005 to 5,626 in 2013.

The police commissioner called on the government, the business community and the wider society to work together to reduce the incidence of violent death and create “better living conditions” for the Honduran people.

“The fight against crime requires the cooperation of the entire society, as public safety is not a problem that belongs only to the government,” Herrera said.

COMMENT: I continue to discourage foreign travelers from visiting Honduras. Period.

Why travel to the most dangerous country in the world? Using actor Clint Eastwood’s character in the “Dirty Harry” series, “Just how lucky do you feel?”

If you have any doubt whatsoever as to the ineffectiveness of police in Honduras and their likely complicity in violence, of the 50 murders committed against US citizens since 2008, the Honduran police have only solved TWO homicides of the 50 Americans intentionally killed.

Police Commissioner Herrera should take a critical analysis of his own national police structure to determine why Honduras has become nothing short of an unbridled, lawless society.

On average, a gun killing took place every 286 minutes in 2005, compared with one every 93 minutes in 2013, Commissioner Herrera said.

Honduras is the most violent country in the world, with 90.4 homicides per 100,000 people, according to a report released in June by the Assessment Capacities Project, an initiative of several international NGOs.