Thursday, September 11, 2014

India: Spanish Tourist, 34, Robbed of Passport, Credit Cards, Documents, Camera, Mobile, 40,000R

According to The Times of India, unidentified persons at the Colva Beach on Tuesday (September 9) robbed a Spanish national, Sara Lopes, 34, who was staying at a beach resort in the local area, of her purse containing cash and valuables. Like everything.

Sara Lopes, 34, in her complaint lodged with the Colva police on Wednesday (September 10), said that the purse contained her passport, three credit/debit cards, an insurance card, a camera, a cellphone and cash of 40,000 rupees (US$659). 

COMMENT: I will make a few assumptions about our unfortunate Spanish tourist.

Despite being from España, where the theft from those of means has reached a bit of an art-form, from the description of Ms. Lopes' misfortune, it appears that she was ill-prepared as a tourist in India. 

One important point: If you're traveling on the "cheap," you may well regret this decision. Doing so is not a practice I recommend. Those foreign travelers travel on the "cheap" often end up regretting it because they're constantly seeking accommodations and transportation choices that put them at a HIGH-RISK of being victimized. Please consider this reality!

Consequently, I'd like to offer all foreign tourists some basic guidance on how not to be a crime victim in India:

1. My advice for foreign women is to go the below link and stay at New Delhi's Leela Palace which has a female-only floor serviced by women only AFTER September 15:;

2. Rape and gang-rape are a common occurrence in India. Hence, I discourage solo travel and suggest that women traveling alone consider several of the women-only travel websites:

3. Never carry more than $100 in cash unless you're making a special purchase from a store where you'll be transported to and from by a reputable hotel driver;

4. Seek out organized tours that rely on small tour vehicles that are restricted to a DOZEN or so passengers; 

5. Order through the below website the Culture Shock! Series for your destination before you leave home:

6. If your embassy or consulate provides the service, register your foreign itinerary on-line with your appropriate foreign affairs agency;

7. Subscribe to international medical treatment and medical evacuation insurance, including repatriation of your remains if you die while abroad by going to the following website:;

8. If you're transporting valuable electronics abroad, insure them through:;

9. Obtain cash DAILY from a reputable financial institution during DAYLIGHT hours only;

10. NEVER use IN-ROOM safes anywhere in the world;

11. Seek accommodations ONLY in 4 or 5-star hotel properties; and

12. Ensure that any hotel you stay at has a TWO-key safe deposit box system in the hotel lobby.