Saturday, September 6, 2014

India: Tourist Relieved of 11,500 in Cash, Upscale Hotel Might Have Been a Better Choice

According to The Times of India, a tourist in Calangute  was reportedly relieved of some 11,500 in cash while he was sleeping in his room at a guest-house last week.

COMMENT: Whomever the reporter was who filed the INCOMPLETE report alleging that "an unidentified person entered his guest-room and stole 11,500 in various denominations from wallet," should be discharged of his duties at the earliest opportunity.

Even if the currency had been Indian rupees, it would have amounted to US$190+, which was more than enough to seek safer accommodations. 

Clearly, anyone in possession of any amount of currency totaling 11,500 should have had the presence of mind to stay at a four-or-five star hotel, rather than a modest guest-house which would be highly vulnerable to thieves.

As most of our readers know, depending upon the predominant currency the crime victim was in possession of, the thief entered the low-rise balcony during the hours of 0130-0145 and consummated the crime.

Vijay Pratap Singh from Haryana apparently filed a police complaint that a thief stole "11,500 in various denominations from his wallet."

"Eleven-thousand, five hundred currency in any denomination" is a very big deal, depending of course upon the specific currency that was stolen.