Friday, September 26, 2014

Indonesia: New Zealander Arrested in Bali Re: Surfboard Theft, Assault

A New Zealander arrested in Bali over the theft of a surfboard is also wanted in relation to an alleged assault in the island earlier this month.
Former Wellington resident Richard Wackrow is said to be on hunger strike in Canngu police station, just outside tourist hotspot Kuta after being detained at Denpasar airport on Friday (September 26).
Wackrow was accused of stealing a surfboard and other goods worth a total of $776 from a US tourist, the Jakarta Post reported.
If convicted, Wackrow could face up to five years in prison.
Bali Tourist Police issued an alert for Wackrow on September 8, posting various photos of him and his alleged victim on its Facebook page.
COMMENT: Particularly for Australians, Bali is a rough destination. According to Australia-based THE DAILY TELEGRAPH, Bali is one of the deadliest, with 48 Aussies losing their lives in Bali in the last year, or one fatality every eight days.
Information provided by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade ( also revealed that 118 Australians fell ill or were admitted to hospital in Bali, and 20 were arrested during the year. 
US tourist, Lisa Neumeyer, said she met Wackrow in August and while they got on well initially, the relationship rapidly unravelled.
A Bali-based security consultant said Wackrow's ex-girlfriend hired him to track Wackrow down after their relationship soured earlier this year.
Wackrow's brother, Ben, told http://www.3news the family was attempting to gather funds to hire a lawyer over the alleged theft and assault.
The New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade said it was aware of Wackrow's arrest.

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