Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Israel: Tel Aviv Issues Travel Warnings, Restrictions for Israeli, Jewish Citizens

According to the below link:

Israel’s National Security Council Counter-Terrorism Bureau issued warnings to Israeli travelers for the heavy travel season during the fall holidays.

“There is--at this time--an increasing potential threat as a result of the recent Operation Protective Edge during which there were many demonstrations at Israeli embassies and consulates around the world,” the travel warning said Monday.

“There has also been an increase in anti-Semitic incidents. These trends are likely to continue during the holiday period.”

There are concerns as well over possible attacks on Israeli and Jewish targets worldwide in the wake of the May 4 shooting at the Jewish Museum in Brussels that left four dead, especially in Western Europe, by global jihad elements including the Islamic State (IS).

COMMENT: Iran and Hezbollah continue to threaten Israeli and Jewish targets around the world, the warning said, especially targets such as Jewish tourists, and symbolic targets including Jewish institutions and rabbis.

The warning reiterated that it was unlawful for Israelis to travel to Syria, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Yemen and Saudi Arabia. 

It also recommended avoiding travel to Afghanistan, Libya, Sudan and Somalia; Israelis currently in those countries were advised to leave immediately.

The advisory also published substantive threats in a dozen countries each and recommended that the Israeli public refrain from visiting those countries.

A severe travel warning remains in effect for Israelis visiting the Sinai Peninsula.

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