Monday, September 15, 2014

Kenya: Tourists Shot, Killed in Mombasa in July 2014 Prevail in Finding Justice

According to Reuters Africaa Kenyan suspected of killing tourists in the coastal city of Mombasa in July 2014 was shot and killed on Sunday (September 14) by police in a raid at the murderer's home, police said.

In two separate incidents, a Russian female tourist and later a Ugandan male and a German female tourist were shot in the Old Town in the Indian Ocean port city of Mombasa and their personal belongings stolen.
Mombasa county police commander Robert Kitur said police shot and killed Ismael Mohammed, a Kenyan national, in a dawn raid in Mombasa’s Bondeni neighborhood.
COMMENT: I continue to strongly discourage tourism travel to Kenya in light of Western travel warnings for violent crime, which are an ongoing occurrence.
Kenyan police have said they shot and killed Ismael Mohammed in an early am raid during which they recovered a fragmentation grenade during the crime scene search.
Kitur said that a suspected accomplice of Mohammed's was also wounded, but escaped.
Haki Afrika, a human rights organization in Mombasa, questioned why the suspects had been shot rather than arrested.
"The killing of suspects is unacceptable and the officers responsible must be held accountable," Hussein Khalid, the group's executive director, told REUTERS. "You cannot kill someone without subjecting them to the due process of the law."
There have been a string of attacks along Kenya's coast, most of them claimed by the Somali Islamist group al-Shabaab, including the killing of 65 people in Lamu County in June and July.
The attacks in Lamu and in Mombasa have hit the country's tourism industry particularly hard, especially after numerous Western governments issued travel warnings.