Wednesday, September 17, 2014

México: President Peña Nieto Obsessed with "Going Green," as Washington Supports Illegals

According to The Latin American TribuneMexico City’s government plans to provide the tourist zone of the Xochimilco canals with environmentally friendly boats and barges and to gradually substitute the usual wooden ones, which have very high maintenance costs, officials said.

Mauricio León, director of infrastructure, modernization and innovation for the Federal District (DF), unveiled the plan on Monday (September 15).

After presenting the first prototype of the ecologically sound craft last weekend, the plan is poised to include non-motorized, gondola-like watercraft that will eventually be replaced by low-maintenance, long-lasting vessels.

The traditional wooden vessels with their colorful arches, formerly used mostly to transport goods, but now dedicated almost exclusively to tourism, constitute “an enormous expense” since they must be renovated annually due to “the deterioration in recent years” of the water in the canals and the fungi it contains that degrade wood, León said.

COMMENT: As the Mexican government has the fiscal resources to go "green" and build a $9 billion dollar airport and seemingly construct gondola-like watercraft costing $380,000 per copy, I fail to see Washington's capacity to engage in México's apparent extravagance.

Although it is a bit embarrassing, Washington is essentially "broke." 

The Obama Administration, after eight years in office, owes creditors 17 TRILLION DOLLARS to which millions are added daily.

Yet, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto has characterized Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX) as "reprehensible" in the below linked posting:

US Secretary of State John Kerry has visited México on numerous occasions in recent months, yet in a bizarre sequence of events, neither Secretary Kerry or President Peña Nieto have somehow had the time to address the continuing plight of former US Marine Sergeant Andrew Tamooressi who has been languishing in a Mexican prison for upwards of six months.

How long can one phone call actually take?

Although the former sergeant did his duty and then some, one would think that Secretary Kerry, being a Vietnam vet himself, would have the time to assist a comrade-in- arms.

Why has the Secretary had no time to reciprocate for a fellow veteran who risked his life daily during two tours in Afghanistan to serve his country.

Obviously, loyalty is NOT a two-way street.

Andrew Tamoorressi continues to suffer from PTSD, which was acquired in Afghanistan. Sadly, though, the former sergeant is not in a position of filing a claim with the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Everyone can seemingly get into the United States, including illegals, just NOT Andrew Tamooressi.

Conceptualized by scientists at the National Autonomous University of México (UNAM) the so-called “techno-ecological boat” preserves the typical characteristics that have made it a symbol of México worldwide.

The great advantage is that new boat construction--called “trainer”--is fabricated from recycled PET plastic (canal-polluting water and shampoo bottles and plastic bags), polyethylene and volcanic clay, a compound that provides the boats with greater durability and stability.

Since they are made of recycled material, unlike the traditional ones for which 20 trees have to used to construct even one boat--require less maintenance and their durability is much greater, suggesting that their potential life-cycle may reach 120 years.

The problem is the cost of the machinery, León emphasized, so that the ideal solution would be for the oarsmen to form “a cooperative for financing boat construction, which may approach 5 million pesos ($380,000).

This is a long-term effort, for when the fabrication machines are constructed, they can produce three-to-four boats a week. In Xochimilco, there are currently as many as 1,500 wooden boats.

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